Two Extra Drink Tickets


Save Money and Time by purchasing your extra drink tickets online.
Only available in conjunction with pre-purchased Regular Access entry ticket.

Extra Drink Tickets Will Get You:

  • 1 ticket = 16 oz, beer or 6 oz. wine
  • 2 tickets = Cocktail, 4 Liquor Flight Tasting or Liquor Straight Pour

    EXTRA DRINK TICKETS WILL BE $6 EACH THE DAY OF THE FESTIVAL.You’re extra tickets will be given to you upon entry to the festival along with your entry package.
  • Please remember to bring a photo ID. Alcohol cannot be served to anyone without a photo ID that shows proof of age.

Plus: Debit cards are accepted at the festival. If we have rain, some shelter will be available. Make sure to bring a lawn chair so you’ll have a place to sit!

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